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Common Questions

General Condo, Equipment, and Furnishings
Cancellation Policy
Roads, Traveling, and Weather
Local Attractions

General Condo, Equipment, and Furnishings 

  • How well equipped is your condo/kitchen?
  • Our condo is extremely well equipped so that your stay will be very enjoyable. All appliances and furnishings are top-of-the line. We do not want to "rough it" when we are there so we have equipped it with that in mind. We've even put in a central vacuum system and humidifier.
  • Are there any condiments or food in the condo for us to use?
  • Salt and pepper are always in the condo as well as a variety of spices and seasonings; other items you should bring. We ask that you take all of your food supplies with you when you leave.
  • How far is your condo from the ski slopes and the village?
  • The ski slopes and village are less than a mile from our condo. Take a short walk to the end of the parking lot for the free shuttle bus that runs every 7-10 minutes during the winter. At other times, call for a shuttle bus pick up. Our condo is right beside the parking lot. 
  • What is the maximum occupancy of the condo?
  • The condo may be occupied by no more than 8 persons, including adults and children.
  • How large is your condo?
  • The condo is approximately 1500 square feet and includes: living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, master bedroom, 2 twin bedrooms, laundry, deck, and entry "mud room.". The master bedroom is at the entry level; up half a flight of stairs are the living and dining rooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and deck. Down a half flight of stairs from the entry are two twin bedrooms, another bath, and the laundry room. The mudroom includes a bench, storage for your skis, snowboards, and related equipment and firewood. Shovels, brooms, a sled, and saucers are also in this area.
  • Is there a view from your condo?
  • The views from the condo are incredible! You look out over pine covered mountains and ski runs.
  • Does your condo have a sauna and/or a jacuzzi?
  • We do not have either but both are available at the recreation center for our guests.
  • What cleaning is expected of us prior to checkout?
  • While our housekeeper will complete the cleaning after you check-out, we ask that you do the following: strip the sheets off the beds you have used; begin the wash (beginning with the sheets); put all trash in the parking lot dumpster: and empty the refrigerator of your items. Other checkout instructions are on the front door and include some final reminders, such as opening all doors under the sinks.
  • Are pets allowed? Smoking?
  • We do not allow pets in the condo. Some of us suffer from allergies caused by them. Smoking is not allowed in the condo.
  • Where do we store our skis, snowboards, and tubes?
  • These items should be stored in the "mud room."
  • Do we have to shovel the walks and parking area?
  • The condo association is responsible for the walkways, steps, and parking lots. You may want to do additional cleaning of the landing and steps - shovels and brooms are provided in the "mud room."
  • How do we get the shuttle bus?
  • Using the shuttle bus to get to the village/ski lifts means that no one has to do any driving and guests may come and go at different times during the day. Leave our condo and walk to the end of the parking lot, less than a two-minute walk. The shuttle will pick you up at the "top of the circle" and take you to the village/ski lifts or other places of interest in Northstar.
  • Who do we contact if an emergency in the condo arises?
  • These numbers are located in the condo and contained in a binder of important information in the kitchen drawer below the phone.
  • What kind of heating does your condo have?
  • We have gas forced air heating. In order to make the dry winter air more comfortable, we have added a humidifier. There is also a wood burning fireplace with fan and glass doors. We provide firewood for your use.
  • How do we gain access to the recreation center facilities?
  • Use the homeowner I.D. cards that are kept on hooks on the kitchen wall by the phone. We've put them on chain necklaces so they are easy to slip around your neck. This is also a good place to put them when you are skiing.
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    Cancellation Policy 
  • May I cancel my Northstar vacation rental reservation?
  • We must receive your written cancellation at least 60 days prior to your arrival in order for you to receive a refund of your security deposit and rental fee. If we receive your written cancellation notice less than 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, your security deposit will be refunded; however, the rental fee will not be refunded unless we are able to rent the condo for an equal or greater length of time. Any advertising costs to re-rent the condo will be deducted from your deposit. All cancellations shall be charged a $50. service fee. No rental refunds will be given for any time missed from your reserved time period.    
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - Should I have it?
  • If Traveling to Northstar is a concern, please be advised that trip insurance is available.

    There are several companies that will provide coverage, including Travelex Insurance Services ( and Access America Travel Insurance & Assistance (

    Benefits and services typically included with this type of insurance:
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Medical expenses
  • Baggage
  • Twenty-four hour telephone assistance.
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    Roads, Traveling, and Weather 
  • What is the best route to the condo? Are chains required in winter?
  • The best route to our condo is to take Interstate 80 to state highway 267 (exit 188B). Travel six miles south on 267 to Northstar Drive. Turn right onto Northstar Drive. Chains may be required in winter but both 80 and 267 are usually open. The roads in Northstar are county roads and they are also plowed.
  • What happens if highways 80 and/or 267 are closed?
  • There will be no refunds for time missed from your reserved time period. If this is a concern, please be advised that trip insurance is available.
  • What happens if we make a winter reservation and there is no snow or we don't like the weather?
  • It would be great if we could guarantee perfect weather conditions but that is not possible.
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    Local Attractions 
  • How far is the condo from: Lake Tahoe, north shore, Reno, gambling, shopping?
  • Our condo is six miles from Lake Tahoe and six miles from Truckee, traveling on highway 267. Once you are at Lake Tahoe, it is about 5 miles to the Nevada state line and gambling. Truckee has many stores including Safeway and Albertson's, Starbucks, outstanding restaurants, and Riteaid. For the best bakery items try the Treatbox Bakery in Truckee, just behind the 7-11 store. We think you'll love their angel food chocolate chip cookies. Reno is 40 miles away. Major carriers fly in to the Reno/Tahoe International Airport.
  • What kind of shops and stores are in Northstar?
  • There is a great variety of shops and stores that include restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, clothing and ski shops, ski and snowboard rentals, and storage lockers. Fire pits and seating surround the outdoor ice/roller skating rink.

    Review Points of Interest for more details.
  • Are there child care facilities for young children when parents are skiing?
  • Minors’ Camp at Northstar offers licensed childcare and outdoor play for children ages 2 – 6. Children do not need to be potty-trained to participate in the program. Children ages 3+ can participate in learn to ski programs. Contact Minors’ Camp 530.562.2278 for additional information as well as advance reservations.

    Review Points of Interest for more details.
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